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For the security of your accounts with us, please note that any update or confirmation of your personal details (PIN, TPIN or password) are only done through either logging into your personal accounts on the Crédit Agricole Egypt website or banki Phone service.

In our periodic review of online security, an unauthorized email came to our attention, asking clients to update their personal details through hyperlinks to a fake page similar to CAE's login page. Please note that CAE's emails do not ask for any personal information; they only contain important news and information.

In case of receiving an email requesting personal detail verification through a link, please disregard the link and forward the email to or contact our call center at 19191, international (+202) 3332-9300.

Forwarding those emails allows us to secure your banki online activity from potential threats, in order to be able to serve you better.

For more information, please review CAE's Online Security Guide.